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    This blog is dedicated to my PhD related research and to my explorations of new media uses and impact on public relations and higher education.

    It is a blog about the Olympic Games and the Olympic values, as well as about culture and activism at the Olympics. It is also a blog about new media developments and trends and their influence.

    This is an environment where you can keep up with my progress, find out about my latest achievements, find out about my newest discoveries and interact with my research and lecturing.

    But most of all, this blog should be a medium through which ideas are exchanged, discussions develop and collaborations emerge. So, should you see anything of interest to you here, please get in touch!

    Thank you for visiting!

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Introducing http://anaadi.net

I have moved. If you liked this blog and its content, then please go visit my website: http://anaadi.net. I’ll continue to post there on similar issues as here. Thanks for visiting!

Protected: Yet another new beginning

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Video WON’T kill the lecturing star

My network was buzzing today in reaction to Jonathan Wolff’s monthly column in the Guardian. In this month’s column Wolff, professor of philosophy at University College London, compares his experiences of in person and video recorded lecture delivery and asks rhetorically whether lecturing styles are bound to change in the future now that more and more lectures … Continue reading

Social Media in the Classroom, Social Media Tools For Research

The middle of November was a busy and workshop-rich week for me. After a workshop on social media strategy and policy delivered at the UWS Library and a lecture on social media to support an acting career given to Stuart Hepburn‘s contemporary screen acting students, I also delivered with the great help and support of … Continue reading

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