ECREA 2010


During the 12th and 15th of October, the University of Hamburg was the host of one of the biggest and most renowned communication research and education conferences: ECREA. The conference featured 17 sections and welcomed more than a thousand delegates from Europe and beyond. While many of the papers presented sounded interesting, the incredibly busy … Continue reading

New Media. New Games. Lessons from the Beijing Olympics for #media2012

Picture 2

an unconference talk covering 3 stories: of access, of media and of cultural exchange The recording is here. On the 4th of October I was invited to speak about my Beijing Olympics experience and research at the launch of #media2012 blueprint for the London Olympics, during Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Manchester. The proposal promoted by my … Continue reading

ISDPA Power of Sport Summit – Olympism sessions

Olympism ISDPA livestream

There were two Olympism sessions at the ISDPA Power of Sport Summit touching mainly on two major topics: youth (as in the Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Education) and Human Rights (as in the Charter as a human rights promotion mechanism and one on the Olympic Truce). To them Dr Mary Hums’ presentation on a … Continue reading

The Twitter Olympics? I’d say the digital social activist Olympics.

Just days before the Games were ready to begin talks online were already debating the future of the Olympics and their relationship with the online, social media. Many have asserted then that these Winter Games will mark the history of the Olympics by being the first where Twitter, as a micro-blogging platform and representative of … Continue reading

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